As part of a graduation project for ISART Digital school students, Skybolt Zack is above all a game that has shown itself worthy in both national and international gaming events, winning several awards in the process!

In this first edition, they won the Indie Game Cup. Why, of all the games present, was it the favorite of the jury? Certainly because it is enjoyable, demanding, infuriating and satisfying all at the same time. But more likely because it perfectly embodies the essential quality of playing an indie game: originality, and with rocket punching galore.

The game feel is a bit like playing the hidden son of Mario Bros and Guitar Hero. After the first few seconds of frantic punching, you quickly realize that the seemingly simple mechanics (pressing the button of the same color as the enemy) hide an impressive number of variations and tactics.

With the speed of game, the immediate and constant learning curve may discourage the less diligent but will satisfy the most demanding of players. And if you persevere, Skybolt Zack won’t disappoint. Never repetitive, with several endings per level and a multi-track progression map, it succeeds particularly well as a rhythmic platformer with endless replayability.

Officially, the game was released on November 7 on Steam and on the Nintendo Switch e-shop. They will be back for the 2nd edition of the Indie Game Nation to our complete delight!

Play Skybolt Zack on Nintendo Switch

Play Skybolt Zack on PC