FAQ Visitors

What is Indie Game Nation?

The Indie Game Nation is a video game event entirely devoted to indie video games. No more small spaces tucked away, no more labels, the Indie Game Nation honors the great indie family! Every year, in the Paris region, find our event, we hope to make you discover the future nuggets of indie gaming!

When is it and where?

Information on the next edition will soon be announced! Don’t hesitate to follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Is it free?

Admission to the Indie Game Nation is open and free!

Do I have to sign up for the conferences in advance?

No, access to the conferences is free, subject to availability. If you can’t attend, don’t panic! All lectures will be retransmitted as a podcast after the event.

FAQ BOOTHS and DISPLAY (Studios, Projects, etc.)

How do I reserve a booth?

To become an exhibitor, contact our head of studios, Matthias Crévieaux by filling out our contact form.

You will be able to present one or more games at the event. The studios are selected according to the quality of the projects. We accept both professionals and student games (as long as they are near completion), your creation can be for console, PC and / or mobile, as long as the project is playable and indie!

Is there a limited number of booths every year?

Yes ! Unfortunately we do have a restricted number of booths for studios each year. This number varies depending on where our event takes place. Contact us quickly and book your booth as soon as you can!

have reserved a booth. What comes with it?

Once your booth is reserved, we turn on the machine and our house elves take care of (almost) everything. You will have at your disposal :

  • Une table
  • A table
  • Two chairs
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electrical equipment (sockets, extensions, multiple sockets)
  • Unlimited water, coffee & tea

We do not provide:

  • Lunch or dinner
  • Machines (computers, cell phones, consoles), mice or gamepads
  • Printed visuals (POS) to decorate and highlight your stand
  • Real house elves

You are responsible for any equipment you bring that is not stored in the private locker room reserved for exhibitors, speakers and members of Indie Game Nation.

When do we need to get in?

The program for the 2022 edition is not yet available.

Is there any special parking for the studios?

This year we will be at the Temps des Cerises in Issy Les Moulineaux. There are a couple places to park but we can make NO reservations for studios in particular.

How will my game be put forward during the event?

Our main goal is to promote independent video games to the general public. Here is what awaits your creation:

  • We ask you to send game assets, visuals, screenshots, your logo, description and links to your sales platform and to your social networks. This will allow us to publish your game on our website and on our social networks (Instagram and Facebook).
  • Your game will be presented and tested by visitors at your booth
  • Your game will be presented and tested on our live stage
  • Your game will be featured and tested on our live Twitch channel

FAQ Conferences

At what time should I come to the event?

On Saturday March 6 and Sunday March 7, the event opens for studios at 9 a.m. and for the public at 10 a.m. Lectures start from 11 a.m. You will be welcome from 9 a.m. We ask you to be on site at least 30 minutes before your intervention.

How long does a conference run?

Each conference lasts 30 minutes (5 minutes for setup, 25 minutes speaking). It is included in a cycle with the aim of combining the points of view of the various interventions on the same theme.

What is at my disposal once on site?

You will have :

  • A desk and stool
  • Image and sound broadcasting system (computer as well)
  • Unlimited water, coffee and tea

Are conferences recorded?

If you agree to have your conference recorded, it will be broadcast as a podcast after the event. We will of course provide you with the recording at your request.

What communication can I expect for my conference?

Indie Game Nation ensures the communication of your conference:

  • On its site and its social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) thanks to the photo and description that you have provided. We can also broadcast your social networks (your site, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  • After the event, the lectures are broadcast as a podcast